Domain Renewal Notices FAQ
What is
You may have received an email from informing you about a pending renewal of a domain name you have registered. This email has been sent to you on behalf of your domain provider by the ICANN accredited registrar who is sponsoring your domain name registration.
Why am I receiving emails originating from this domain?
You have registered a domain name under a generic top-level domain (gTLD), such as .com, .net or .org. gTLD domain names need to follow the rules and policies established by ICANN. Your domain is or was up for renewal, and the ICANN Expired Registration Recovery Policy (ERRP) requires the sponsoring registrar to send renewal notices to the registrant at certain times.
What kind of notices can I expect to receive?
If you are a registrant of a gTLD domain name, you will receive two renewal notifications to the email address listed with your domain. Those emails will be sent approximately one month and one week prior to the expiration date of your domain. You will receive these notices regardless if the domain is set to renew or to expire.

If you decide to not renew your domain name, and the domain is deleted or allowed to expire, you will receive another email including instructions on how to restore your domain within five days after the domain's deletion.
How can I renew my domain name?
In order to renew your name, please contact your domain service provider. Usually this is the entity you used to register your domain, or purchase a hosting or services package.

At the time you receive a renewal notice, your domain service provider might already have taken the necessary steps to renew your name, or have the domain to auto-renew at the sponsoring registrar. Even if this is the case, ICANN's policies require the sponsoring registrar to send such notices anyway.
Who should I contact if I have questions on these notices?
If you have questions regarding renewal notices or how to renew or restore a name, please contact your domain service provider. They will work with the sponsoring registrar to resolve your request.